Package com.jme3.bullet

package com.jme3.bullet
PhysicsSpace and some associated classes and interfaces.
  • Class
    An AppState to manage a single PhysicsSpace.
    Enumerate threading modes.
    Tuning parameters for a CollisionSpace, based on Bullet's btDefaultCollisionConstructionInfo.
    A Bullet-JME collision space with its own btCollisionWorld.
    Manage notifications when collision objects in a specific PhysicsSpace come into contact.
    The default implementation of the ContactManager interface.
    A MultiBodySpace that supports deformables, with its own btDeformableMultiBodyDynamicsWorld.
    Enumerate algorithms to generate a solid object from voxels (native name: FillMode).
    An articulated rigid body based on Bullet's btMultiBody.
    An AppState to manage a single MultiBodySpace.
    Enumerate the types of joints in a MultiBody (native name: eFeatherstoneJointType).
    A single link in a MultiBody, based on Bullet's btMultibodyLink.
    A PhysicsSpace that supports multibodies, with its own btMultiBodyDynamicsWorld.
    An abstract class to represent a native (Bullet) physics object.
    A PhysicsSpace that supports soft bodies, with its own btSoftRigidDynamicsWorld.
    A CollisionSpace to simulate dynamic physics, with its own btDiscreteDynamicsWorld.
    Enumerate the available accelerators for broadphase collision detection.
    Callback interface from the physics thread, used to clear/apply forces.
    Named flags for use with a ray test.
    Enumerate the orders in which axis rotations can be applied (native enum: RotateOrder).
    Physics-simulation parameters that can be customized for each PhysicsSoftBody, based on Bullet's btSoftBodyWorldInfo.
    An AppState to manage a single PhysicsSoftSpace.
    Parameters used by the contact-and-constraint solver, based on Bullet's btContactSolverInfo.
    Named mode bits for contact-and-constraint solvers, based on btSolverMode.
    Enumerate the available contact-and-constraint solvers.