Package com.jme3.bullet.objects

package com.jme3.bullet.objects
Collision-object classes.
  • Classes
    A collision object for a link or base in a MultiBody, based on Bullet's btMultiBodyLinkCollider.
    The abstract base class for rigid bodies and soft bodies.
    A collision object for simplified character simulation, based on Bullet's btKinematicCharacterController.
    A collision object for intangibles, based on Bullet's btPairCachingGhostObject.
    A collision object to simulate a rigid body, based on Bullet's btRigidBody.
    A collision object to simulate a soft body, based on Bullet's btSoftBody.
    A rigid body for simplified vehicle simulation based on Bullet's btRaycastVehicle.
    Information about one wheel of a vehicle, based on Bullet's btWheelInfo.