Class CharacterControl

All Implemented Interfaces:
PhysicsControl, com.jme3.export.Savable, com.jme3.scene.control.Control, com.jme3.util.clone.JmeCloneable, Cloneable

public class CharacterControl extends AbstractPhysicsControl
A PhysicsControl to link a PhysicsCharacter to a Spatial.
  • Field Details

    • logger2

      public static final Logger logger2
      message logger for this class
  • Constructor Details

    • CharacterControl

      protected CharacterControl()
      No-argument constructor needed by SavableClassUtil.
    • CharacterControl

      public CharacterControl(ConvexShape shape, float stepHeight)
      Instantiate an enabled Control with the specified CollisionShape and step height.
      shape - the desired shape (not null, alias created)
      stepHeight - the maximum amount of normal vertical movement (in physics-space units)
  • Method Details

    • getCharacter

      public PhysicsCharacter getCharacter()
      Access the PhysicsCharacter managed by this Control.
      the pre-existing instance (not null)
    • getPhysicsLocation

      public com.jme3.math.Vector3f getPhysicsLocation()
      Copy the character's location.
      a new location vector (in physics-space coordinates, not null)
    • getViewDirection

      public com.jme3.math.Vector3f getViewDirection(com.jme3.math.Vector3f storeResult)
      Copy the character's view direction. This need not agree with the spatial's forward direction.
      storeResult - storage for the result (modified if not null)
      a direction vector (in physics-space coordinates, either the provided storage or a new vector, not null)
    • jump

      public void jump()
      Jump in the "up" direction.
    • onGround

      public boolean onGround()
      Test whether the character is on the ground.
      true if on the ground, otherwise false
    • setFallSpeed

      public void setFallSpeed(float speed)
      Alter this character's maximum fall speed (terminal velocity).
      speed - the desired speed (in physics-space units per second, default=55)
    • setGravity

      public void setGravity(float downwardAcceleration)
      Alter the character's gravitational acceleration.
      downwardAcceleration - the desired downward acceleration (in physics-space units per second squared, not null, default=29.4)
    • setJumpSpeed

      public void setJumpSpeed(float speed)
      Alter the character's jump speed.
      speed - the desired speed (in physics-space units per second, default=10)
    • setViewDirection

      public void setViewDirection(com.jme3.math.Vector3f direction)
      Alter the view direction.
      direction - the desired direction (in physics-space coordinates, not null, not zero)
    • setWalkDirection

      public void setWalkDirection(com.jme3.math.Vector3f offset)
      Alter the character's walk offset. The offset must be perpendicular to the "up" direction. It will continue to be applied until altered again.
      offset - the desired position increment for each simulation step (in physics-space coordinates, not null, unaffected)
    • addPhysics

      protected void addPhysics()
      Add all managed physics objects to the PhysicsSpace.
      Specified by:
      addPhysics in class AbstractPhysicsControl
    • cloneFields

      public void cloneFields(com.jme3.util.clone.Cloner cloner, Object original)
      Callback from Cloner to convert this shallow-cloned Control into a deep-cloned one, using the specified Cloner and original to resolve copied fields.
      Specified by:
      cloneFields in interface com.jme3.util.clone.JmeCloneable
      cloneFields in class AbstractPhysicsControl
      cloner - the Cloner that's cloning this Control (not null, modified)
      original - the instance from which this Control was shallow-cloned (not null, unaffected)
    • createSpatialData

      protected void createSpatialData(com.jme3.scene.Spatial spatial)
      Create spatial-dependent data. Invoked when this Control is added to a Spatial.
      Specified by:
      createSpatialData in class AbstractPhysicsControl
      spatial - the controlled spatial (not null, alias created)
    • read

      public void read(com.jme3.export.JmeImporter importer) throws IOException
      De-serialize this Control from the specified importer, for example when loading from a J3O file.
      Specified by:
      read in interface com.jme3.export.Savable
      read in class AbstractPhysicsControl
      importer - (not null)
      IOException - from the importer
    • removePhysics

      protected void removePhysics()
      Remove all managed physics objects from the PhysicsSpace.
      Specified by:
      removePhysics in class AbstractPhysicsControl
    • removeSpatialData

      protected void removeSpatialData(com.jme3.scene.Spatial spatial)
      Destroy spatial-dependent data. Invoked when this Control is removed from its Spatial.
      Specified by:
      removeSpatialData in class AbstractPhysicsControl
      spatial - the Spatial to which this Control was added (unused)
    • setPhysicsLocation

      public void setPhysicsLocation(com.jme3.math.Vector3f location)
      Translate the PhysicsCharacter to the specified location.
      Specified by:
      setPhysicsLocation in class AbstractPhysicsControl
      location - the desired location (not null, unaffected)
    • setPhysicsRotation

      protected void setPhysicsRotation(com.jme3.math.Quaternion orientation)
      Rotate the PhysicsCharacter to the specified orientation.
      Specified by:
      setPhysicsRotation in class AbstractPhysicsControl
      orientation - the desired orientation (not null, unaffected)
    • update

      public void update(float tpf)
      Update this Control. Invoked once per frame during the logical-state update, provided the Control is added to a scene. Do not invoke directly from user code.
      tpf - the time interval between frames (in seconds, ≥0)
    • write

      public void write(com.jme3.export.JmeExporter exporter) throws IOException
      Serialize this Control to the specified exporter, for example when saving to a J3O file.
      Specified by:
      write in interface com.jme3.export.Savable
      write in class AbstractPhysicsControl
      exporter - (not null)
      IOException - from the exporter