Class Convex2dShape

All Implemented Interfaces:
com.jme3.export.Savable, com.jme3.util.clone.JmeCloneable, Cloneable, Comparable<NativePhysicsObject>

public class Convex2dShape extends ConvexShape
A convex collision shape optimized for 2-D, based on Bullet's btConvex2dShape. For a rectangle, use Box2dShape instead.
  • Field Details

    • logger2

      public static final Logger logger2
      message logger for this class
  • Constructor Details

    • Convex2dShape

      protected Convex2dShape()
      No-argument constructor needed by SavableClassUtil.
    • Convex2dShape

      public Convex2dShape(ConvexShape base)
      Instantiate a shape based on the specified convex shape.
      base - the base shape (not null, convex, alias created)
    • Convex2dShape

      public Convex2dShape(FloatBuffer flippedBuffer)
      Instantiate a 2-D hull shape based on a flipped buffer containing coordinates.
      flippedBuffer - the coordinates on which to base the shape (not null, not empty, length a multiple of 3, Z=0, unaffected)
  • Method Details

    • getBaseShape

      public ConvexShape getBaseShape()
      Access the base shape.
      the pre-existing shape (not null)
    • canScale

      public boolean canScale(com.jme3.math.Vector3f scale)
      Test whether the specified scale factors can be applied to this shape.
      canScale in class CollisionShape
      scale - the desired scale factor for each local axis (may be null, unaffected)
      true if applicable, otherwise false
    • cloneFields

      public void cloneFields(com.jme3.util.clone.Cloner cloner, Object original)
      Callback from Cloner to convert this shallow-cloned shape into a deep-cloned one, using the specified Cloner and original to resolve copied fields.
      Specified by:
      cloneFields in interface com.jme3.util.clone.JmeCloneable
      cloneFields in class CollisionShape
      cloner - the Cloner that's cloning this shape (not null)
      original - the instance from which this shape was shallow-cloned (not null, unaffected)
    • read

      public void read(com.jme3.export.JmeImporter importer) throws IOException
      De-serialize the shape from the specified importer, for example when loading from a J3O file.
      Specified by:
      read in interface com.jme3.export.Savable
      read in class CollisionShape
      importer - (not null)
      IOException - from the importer
    • setScale

      public void setScale(com.jme3.math.Vector3f scale)
      Alter the scale of this shape and its base. CAUTION: Not all shapes can be scaled arbitrarily.

      Note that if shapes are shared (between collision objects and/or compound shapes) changes can have unintended consequences.

      setScale in class CollisionShape
      scale - the desired scale factor for each local axis (not null, no negative component, unaffected, default=(1,1,1))
    • write

      public void write(com.jme3.export.JmeExporter exporter) throws IOException
      Serialize this shape to the specified exporter, for example when saving to a J3O file.
      Specified by:
      write in interface com.jme3.export.Savable
      write in class CollisionShape
      exporter - (not null)
      IOException - from the exporter